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Welcome to your first steps into the college stage of your life! In the post below, I will talk about a few key things to get you started here at Drake. Tips and tricks are mentioned, along with some of my personal experiences on campus.

Starting off, a little something we call here at Drake is referred to as “Drake Busy.” As a whole, Drake students like to get involved with a lot of different things—on and off campus. Whether that is trying a couple or few of the 160+ organizations or finding internships, it is all up to the student. Many students have different clubs, organizations and internships they are a part of to maximize their portfolios leading up to graduation.


Full-time students take 12-18 credits a semester. Additionally, Drake’s student-faculty ratio is 11:1. What does this mean for students? Small class sizes with the ability to interact with professors and get a more personalized education. Students are able to bond and work together in group work as small class sizes allow.

Journalism + Marketing

As a Journalism and Marketing student, I have a lot of hands-on experience with my professors and fellow students. My favorite thing about Drake is the ability to “mix and match” academics. You have the option to choose multiple fields of study and add different majors and minors, depending on what you want your future career to look like.


Drake offers a lot of areas to study. My favorite is the Computer Science (or CS) building. There are white boards available in sectioned off rooms for all student to use. There is also an option to screen mirror your devices to a TV in the rooms to share with study teams. This makes it easy for group work and group study sessions which can be beneficial to combine notes and get a better understanding of content on your next exam.

There are a variety of study spaces depending on your needs. Try out new places and maybe visit a couple of those I suggested.

Additionally, I have heard that Midnight Hall in the library is a golden study spot. Additionally, if your school work allows, Starbucks in Olmsted is a student favorite!


Drake University has over 160 organizations for students to take part in. To learn more about how to get involved on campus, the school hosts an “Activity Fair” at the beginning of every semester. Organizations set up a booth for students to learn about their clubs to find ones to join!

Drake Mag

As a member of Drake Mag, I have found some really awesome opportunities on campus and I get to be a part of the publication. It is rewarding for writers, editors, designers and photographers to see the final product each semester. Don’t forget to pick one (or more) up on your campus visit!

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Greek Life

While not every student participates in greek life (30% of students at Drake do) they host many social events that allow students to garner relationships with varieties of people. Combined, sororities and fraternities reach above and beyond in the community by committing over 1,000 hours to community service. This allows Drake students and the community to build relationships that eventually lead to connections after graduation.


Thank you for reading this article! I hope it provided some new information you might have not had before. I wish you luck on your college search and hope you find yourself back to Drake. Contact for more information here:

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