The Last Semester…

Goodwin-Kirk 231

The last semester of Sophomore year in college has been wildly different from my time as a freshman. I got to live in a quad dorm with three other roommates, now two because our other roommate moved abroad to Spain for the spring semester. 

In freshman year I had a single dorm so this was quite a change. I didn’t think having roommates really fit my lifestyle. However, I have enjoyed this semester more than any other despite some demanding classes. 

“You’re Going Home Again?”

 I used to go home every single weekend Freshman year and it kind of burnt me out. Being at school was worse for my mental health at the time, though. It was a weird blend of loneliness plus wanting my own space. I play instruments so that was the only thing that could get me by last year. Read my blog – The Soundtrack Of My Life to read more!

Going into college, I was kind of against the lifestyle of it. I didn’t like going out or being in large groups. I have found friends that make me get out of my comfort zone and keep me going. Now, I have tried to stay on campus every weekend to find new things to do with friends.

Game Night!

From Cards Against Humanity, Rummy 500, Black Jack and other random games we pulled out of drawers – game nights became our way to reset before the start of our hectic week.Personally, Rummy 500 is my favorite game to play. My uncle taught me how to play while on vacation up north in Minnesota so there’s a little nostalgia factor. It’s also a favorite of my roommate, Jade. “It’s a game I love playing with you guys, especially when I beat you!” Jade said. However, some players didn’t appreciate my choice of game. “Rummy again?” Jayden James said. He is 100% lying. He’s just not very good at it. “I don’t understand how to play this game,” Abby King said. 

We also found other games to play, though, “Go to bed guys!” my roommate Ava said after a five-hour-long game of war. During the semester, DUIN released a Drake version of Cards Against Humanity so that was a perfect addition to our game nights. It also brought a little school spirit into the mix.

Moving Out…

Last year, the second I could get out of my single dorm and go home, I did. This year has been so much different. I have been packing up my dorm and it makes me sad leaving this year behind. Goodwin Kirk room 231 was the host for many game nights and movie downtime throughout the week. There are many memories that will remain in that little quad dorm, thanks to my wonderful roommates and friends.

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