The Soundtrack of My Life: The Artists That Influenced My Journey

My Songwriting Journey

I started writing songs in late 2018 as I started getting more serious about learning how to play instruments. It’s safe to say that none of those first songs will ever see the light of day. However, they have a sweet place in my heart because they got me to where I am today. Common themes I see in my songwriting include key pieces I’ve learned of my favorite artists. Each of these industry players have shaped the way I write songs and approach writing songs.

1. Taylor Swift

No matter how mainstream Taylor Swift is, she is one heck of a storyteller. Her album Folklore was conceptualized by Swift and not based on her real life events. This was a new move for Swift as she has been in the spotlight for dating and writing. In one interview she said “If guys don’t want me to write bad songs about them, they shouldn’t do bad things.” Swift’s move on folklore inspired me to start writing about anything and everything. Creating scenarios for insp​​iration to exercise the muscle for imagination and creativity in songwriting.

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2. Stephen Sanchez

Originally discovered on Tiktok, Stephen Sanchez’s 50s turned modern song “Until I found you” has been streamed over 600 million times on Spotify. I look up to this young artist because he was able to create a song that felt very familiar to every generation. He brought the nostalgia of the fifties to the modern music industry. He has incorporated the 50s vibe into his artistry, dressing in Elvis fashion and performing Elvis covers during his live shows.

3. Leroy Clampitt

Speaking of nostalgia, this Grammy Nominated Producer has incorporated 50s blues type-slide guitars and loads of strings. He works with cellists to create the raw, live feel into the projects he works on. 

He has worked with two of my favorite artists – Madison Beer, Ashe and Sabrina Carpenter. The incorporation of Clampitt’s individualistic production makes these artists stand out. You can tell Clampitt chooses the artists he works with by design. They all somehow follow this rare type of artistry that feels different from all mainstream pop.

Image: Headliner Magazine – Leroy Clampitt: Smoothing Strings

4. JP Saxe

JP Saxe is my absolute favorite musical artist right now. He has this “talky” approach to his lyrics and it feels like a conversation. In fact, his most recent album “Dangerous Levels of Introspection” Insinuates a deeper conversation within himself. He writes songs through direct conversations as well as journaling. I have never had a lot of success writing like this. Although, I have tried many times. I am not the best at journaling in a way that a song can be written. It is an art that may have to be practiced in different ways to be perfected.


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